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Why apply to be a GitHub Expert

GitHub and Directly are partnering to create a new, innovative way of providing high-quality answers to user support questions. Directly's platform connects Github power users (or experts, as we like to call them) to respond to real user questions and earn cash rewards in the process.

We are on the lookout for qualified GitHub experts who want to participate in the Directly GitHub network. The application below will test an applicant's grammar, presentation, and extensive knowledge of the GitHub platform. Once approved and onboarding is complete, experts can select which GitHub support questions they want to answer. The best part is, experts can answer questions on their own schedules, whenever it's convenient for them!

One of the most amazing things about working in Directly is It has given me a platform to share the knowledge that I've gained over the years in more flexible and more amazing ways. Andre Da Costa, Windows Expert

Perks of Being an Expert

Earn Rewards Earn rewards for providing high-quality responses and assisting other experts.
Improved Product Knowledge Gain valuable experience answering real customer support questions.                        
Make People Happy Support the community by answering questions and getting users up and running again.
Easy Accessibility Receive alerts and respond on your smartphone, at home, or anywhere with an internet connection.

The Experts

On-demand support is powered by experts using Directly the platform. As customers ask questions, Directly matches them to the right experts via a mobile or desktop alert. Experts work together to provide support and earn rewards, as well as increase their reputation for the most effective answers.

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